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210 E Maple St. Spooner, WI 54801
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry welding gas?

Yes we carry all common welding gasses including C25, ARGON, Oxygen, Acetylene, and CO2.

Do you sell steel?

Yes, we stock common steel sizes in angle, tubular, solid, and pipe.  Any large quantities or odd sizes may have to be ordered.

Do you sell sheet steel?

Yes, we sell sheet steel and stock it in all common thicknesses. You can buy the full sheet or we can custom cut to size for you.

Do you make custom signs and art work?

Yes, we can laser cut custom signs and decorative art.

Do you do custom fabrication?

Yes, we do custom fabrication to include railings, stairs, truck running boards and bumpers, and any other fabrication projects you might have.

Do you deliver?

While at the current time we have no regular delivery routes, we can make arrangements to have steel delivered.

Do you carry metal working and welding supplies?

Yes, we carry a selection of metal working supplies including items from KT Industries and Evolution Power Tools, as well as being able to order welders and plasma cutters.

Do you do work for  local customers and walkins?

Yes! We are here for our local customers to help with your project or that piece that lets you get back up and running.

Do you do installations?

No, we are a fabrication shop and do not do onsite installations. We do have several contractors that we can work with if you need help finding someone for that part of your project.

Do you do tube bending?

We do have tube bending capabilities for both round and square stock.

Do you do powder coating?

We do not powder coat in-house.

Still have questions?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and contact us!